After playing with photography for most of his life, Steve decided to make it his career just a few short years ago. Beginning as a fine art photographer with a focus on portraits and nature, he had fun shooting food with his wife, food writer, Judith Choate. When he decided to move into food photography, he shot right out of the box doing books for Chef Don Pintabona (Cooking with Spirit) and the famed restaurateur, Michael McCarty (Welcome to Michael’s). He followed up with extraordinary work on an award-winning cookbook for Delmonico’s restaurant, Dining at Delmonico’s, as well as A Year in Chocolate by the world-renowned pastry chef/chocolatier, Jacques Torres. 2012 brought the pop-culture success, JOE, The Coffee Book for the JOE, The Art of Coffee chain in New York City. A major cookbook with his wife and family, An American Family Cooks, will be released in the fall of 2013.His food photography is also an integral part of the blog:

Steve has done photography for such prestigious organizations as the Mayo Clinic as well as for other institutions and brands. Steve has also returned to fine art work taking trips to Oaxaca, Mexico to photograph the Day of the Dead, a project he hopes to expand into a book. His eye also seems to be taken with garbage and other detritus of life.


Photo by: Michel Arnaud